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Death of a Car Salesman

January 29, 2008

In recent years I have noticed a downward trend of the use of the traditional car salesman. I have been in the business doe the past seven years and have been in management the last three, during this time I have noticed that more and more consumers start their shopping on-line for there next vehicle. During the last three years especially since I have been an Internet Sales Manager.
Today’s consumer wants a no hassle purchase, the days of going back and forth to the sales manager or the GSM is over. Consumers can just simply surf the web, research the car, and request a quote from as many dealers as the want! Easy as 1-2-3! So, I guess what I am saying is the days of the traditional car-salesman are over! Why would you want to go to the dealership and shop when you can do all your shopping on-line.
That is why we here at Valentine Honda have partnered up with to bring to the Internet masses a website that is both user friendly and informative!  Please visit our website and see for yourself. Tell me what you think, I love constructive critics!