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To Buy or Not To Buy? The Economy’s Affect on the Car Business.

January 29, 2008
In lieu on the recent events on television I have taken upon myself to write a blog on how today’s economy is affecting the car business.  The recent state of the economy has brought hard times to salesman from all genre’s. Whether you sale cars or sale cigarette’s the ecomy has affected your income in some shape, form, or fashion. Being in the car business myself I have noticed that rumors of recession and plummeting stock markets have seemed to affect the business of selling cars the most. The Bush Administration having played a major roll in this recent downfall, they are not totally to blame. One would have to travel back in time 8 years to the end of the Clinton Administration to see the start of the this downward spiral begin.
Well I am not here to explain economics 101, so I will leave my thoughts on the Clinton and Bush Administrations to another blog. I guess what I trying to say is the car salesman is having it hard too! When I first got into the business some 8 years ago I started as a Floor Salesman and worked my way up into the position that I am in now which is Internet Manager. When I first started, normal traffic per day to the lot varied from 20 to 40 customers a day and 60 on Saturday. Today lot traffic has drastically decreased from 10 customers a day M-F to 30 customers a day on Saturday. Now I know that you are probably saying the internet has alo to do with this, and you know what you are correct, but you should still have a ample amount of floor traffic to you dealership in the form of service and previous buyers. 
To answer the question, To Buy or Not to Buy? My answer is to first shop the internet, then decide on the car that will best fit your budget, do not over extend yourself! This will only lead to the economy to continue this spiral into another crash! Once you have figured out the vehicle that best fits your budget, research current APR rates! The feds seem to be finally taking the hint and lowering rates, rates will soon be the lowest in years so take advantage! Once you have finished all your research contact your local Internet Sales Manager or Fleet Manager and get the best price, because they will always give you the best deal and buy the vehicle! Help the economy!

Death of a Car Salesman

January 29, 2008

In recent years I have noticed a downward trend of the use of the traditional car salesman. I have been in the business doe the past seven years and have been in management the last three, during this time I have noticed that more and more consumers start their shopping on-line for there next vehicle. During the last three years especially since I have been an Internet Sales Manager.
Today’s consumer wants a no hassle purchase, the days of going back and forth to the sales manager or the GSM is over. Consumers can just simply surf the web, research the car, and request a quote from as many dealers as the want! Easy as 1-2-3! So, I guess what I am saying is the days of the traditional car-salesman are over! Why would you want to go to the dealership and shop when you can do all your shopping on-line.
That is why we here at Valentine Honda have partnered up with to bring to the Internet masses a website that is both user friendly and informative!  Please visit our website and see for yourself. Tell me what you think, I love constructive critics!

January 26, 2008

2008 Honda Civic EX-L

I just recently bought a 2008 Honda Civic EX-L. This being my first foreign vehicle, I have to admit I was extremely skeptical. Ever since I was sixteen the phrase, “GM or Nothing!” was literally beat into my psyche from both my father and my friend’s. You see I grew up in a town where the slogan, “Made In America,” ran hand in hand with “In God We Trust.” You just did not drive a Japanese car, no matter what the circumstance, is was like a unwritten law. That being said, I am happy to inform the world that I am a firm believer in what Honda has to offer. All my life I have driven pick-ups and SUV’s and my little Civic is by far the best vehicle I have ever had the pleasure of calling mine. Truthfully, being a commuter I had to purchase a car that at least got 30MPG, the first trip I took in my little Civic I got 38MPG! I can go on and on about the car whether its the ride, gas mileage or the 4cyl. engine that lets me blow past traffic! The Civic is miles ahead of the competition!

January 26, 2008

 A Different Kind of Car Buying Experience!

 In today’s society the increasing number of individuals who use the internet to buy their next vehicle has almost tripled since 1999. We here at Valentine Honda realize that 90% of today’s car shoppers begin their search online, so we have partnered with to bring you a user friendly website! We have several features that we have developed for the internet shopper so that the can feel at ease and informative when they reach the dealership showroom. Some of these features include: Instant Chat, User Friendly Payment Calculator, E-Brochure, Make an Offer, Get Your E-Price, Video E-mail, and many other features that allow the Interent Shopper to make an informed decision!  Please visit our website at and experience the most user friendly website on the web! or call (859) 779-1004 and ask for Jason Parman

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January 26, 2008

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